SARALYNN EVENSON (Sara Michalski) grew up in Menomonee Falls, WI (Milwaukee Area).  As a child she spent countless hours painting in the basement, practicing pirouettes on the kitchen floor, and much to her brothers’ dismay, singing at the top of her lungs while swinging in the backyard.  She went on to sing with many choirs including the Milwaukee Children’s Choir, make her first studio recordings with Hal Leonard, and perform with the touring variety troupe, Accompany of Kids until she moved from home.  A lover of both the performing and visual arts, Sara studied the arts in many facets and found her bliss in theatre.  Sara attended Sussex-Hamilton High School, won the title of Menomonee Falls Junior Miss  and WI Junior Miss Self Expression Winner, and went on to study music theatre and dance where she earned her BFA at Viterbo University.

SaraLynn made her home in New York City and is constantly excited to be working on the next step.  While she takes on various acting jobs in stage/film/commercial, SaraLynn sets her focus on musical theatre and the classics.


  • Velma Kelly in Chicago
  • Woman in The Good War
  • Elsa in Sound of Music
  • Feature in A Night With Lisa Vroman
  • Preliminary recording for Lady Julianna
  • Coloratura in Yeast Nation – Workshop
  • Heather in Seeking Sondheim (WVMTF, PCC Prod.)
  • Woman 1 in It’s Not About Me – The Music of Joe Schermann
  • Co-produced and performed Heartache, Milkshakes & Broadway
  • Company in Just Off Broadway’s Celebration in Song
  • Feature in Memories, Moments & Mayhem
  • How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song?
  • Recruiters
  • All Night With Joey Reynolds
  • Witch in Into the Woods
  • Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Tessi / Dance Captain in Nat. Tour – A Christmas Carol
  • Nikki / Dance Captain in Sweet Charity

SaraLynn enjoys that in NYC and in theatre alike, every day is a new adventure.  One never stops learning, and that is important!  With admittedly little “free time,” she still finds refuge in painting, time spent in and exploring nature, taking ridiculously long treks through the city, and appreciating the talents of so many wonderful artists she is surrounded by.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about SaraLynn Evenson and enjoy the site!

“Everything we are worthy of shall be ours.” – SaraLynn Evenson